Who Are We?

Proteus Performance Management is a Canadian consulting firm that has been providing customized governance and investment advice to plan sponsors since 1994. Proteus is a premier provider of pension governance and cost efficiency to Canadian Pension and Investment Funds. We create an environment of participation and teamwork in a selection and review process which focuses on specific client needs. Proteus maintains itself free of conflicts of interest and in all cases acts in the best interests of the client.

Our Mission

Proteus Advisory Services’ mission is to provide group plan members with independent, conflict free guidance and retirement planning support so they can become engaged with their financial well-being and achieve their true financial potential.

The Creation of Proteus Advisory Services

Proteus Advisory Services

An increasing amount of research points to money as a number one cause of stress. If debt and credit top the list of financial struggles, challenges such as retirement planning and investing are attracting increased industry focus, particularly with a challenging economic context and a shifting pension landscape.

We know that the complex world of investing, asset allocation, risk/reward trade-offs, and time horizons make many people uncomfortable. These complexities also stop them from making important retirement planning decisions.

This is why we created Proteus Advisory Services – to help plan members. We provide members with guidance and resources that work. And we make it really easy and logical so that they can take action.

That’s what they need and want. And we promise to deliver it.

A division of Proteus Performance Management, Proteus Advisory Services was developed in 2012 to guide plan members of all ages into enlightened investment and savings decisions. We do so by offering financial education programs that support and teach plan members, in a unique format that leads them to connect with their future retirement obligations. Proteus is 100% independently owned and operated, allowing us to focus on providing the best guidance to members without undue influence and free of any conflict.